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LiveJournal for FuCK Me RuNNiN.

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Time:2:52 pm.
Today was pretty awesome. Hot as hell. And it was awesome. We all went to Chris' place for lunch and played on the trampoline. It WAS tight. Then the walk home....I think I almost died. Sooo hot. And the water I got from Chris' house was warm. I didnt go back cuz i didnt want to be late. I ended up being 2 minutes late anyways. But that's better than 5.

Mohammad....you suck.
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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

Time:12:34 am.

My name is You like to watch people having sex.
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Time:4:28 pm.
I am fucking grounded. I'm stuck in my house for a week. Damn. It. I'm grounded from the car for TWO weeks. Fuck man. This is hella gay. But hey I got paid yesterday so I can buy hella smokes. Yea, I'm spending my whole fuckin 80 dollar check on ciggs. Well, if you count the new case and my new zippo...hehehe. OH! And I bought new bearings too....soo fuckin tight. Rides smooth as a baby's ass. hehe

My cousin's cat had kittens....heehee!
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Subject:Well I guess things have gone to hell in a way.
Time:5:26 pm.

Fuck this shit man. This be gay. Man. I was really likin' this guy and it was like he was doin' the same thing but hey I guess not. He isn't talking to me much anymore. This all happened inside of a week. He was grounded....so he didnt really talk to me since then...or was it after I asked him to go to the show with me? He didn't go either...in case anyone was wondering. Even tho no one reads this shizit....but that's okay I guess I'd rather keep it that way anways.

The last couple of days I've been baby-sitting my neighbors' dogs for them while they are out of town. They were going to be back on sunday night, that was I beleive the 6th. But Jim got sick on the plane on the way down there so I guess he might be having surgery before he can get back home. So I'm watching them for at least another week...till probably next sunday or something. I'm not really sure. I just hope they arent gone long enough for all the food to run out. eek! But they are cute dogs....I'd never own one, they are some of those little bitch dogs that I hate, but these ones are nice. A little spoiled...haha but it's all good. haha.

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Monday, June 7th, 2004

Time:3:21 pm.
Mood: content.
Last weekend was so incredibly awesome I don't even know where to start. Everyone had fun and we were all hanging out together....just rad you know.

The only thing that sucked was I came home too late....i missed my kerfew by half an hour. So I'm grounded for a week. And I'm grounded from the car for 2 weeks. SUCK A FUCK! Whateva I don't care, I guess it's fair... or whateva.
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Time:3:11 pm.
Mood: bored.
You bold everything that applies to you. Then add one of your own.

01. I am in high school.

02. I'm such a bloody geek about British history.

03. I find thick Romantic-era novels strangely enticing.

04. I should be sleeping now.

05. I love winter.

06. I don't particularly enjoy showering, but I suppose it must be done.

07. I like to carry around a Camcorder and tape people during awkward, embarassing, or otherwise amusing moments.

08. I go to a Quaker school.

09. I've always been good at math, but I hate it all the same.

10. I like to shop at thrift stores.

11. I hate people as a whole, but I love them as individuals.

12. I'm cynical about humanity.

13. My biggest fear is failure to achieve my dreams.

14. I like to read. Heck yes!

15. I drive myself crazy when I procrastinate, but I do it anyway.

16. I've never seen Titanic.

17. I don't really like talking on the phone.

18. I have a lot to learn.

20. I sometimes like to watch the rain and think…and running into it.

19. I worry about other people dying, but I don't fear my own death.

22. I'm anal retentive about most things, but my room is pretty messy.

23. I love hugs.

24. I've never had sex.

25. I'm not very athletic.

26. I should drink more water.

27. It really makes me mad when people are racist.

28. I wish I was better at dancing.

29. I get angry when things aren't grammatical.

30. I have a cat.

31. I'm no stranger to confusion over sexual orientation.

32. I'm a hypochondriac.

33. Whenever I get sick, it's usually respiratory.

34. I have lots of literary crushes.

35. I'm straight-edge, but it doesn't bother me when other people drink or do drugs

36. I hate wearing socks to bed.

37. My hair is several different colors right now.

38. I have been surfing.

39. I’ve never seen Ani DiFranco.

40. I can be really personable.

41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.

42. I'm not going to study in Siberia next year.

43. I love blankets.

44. I'm actually fairly content with my height.

45. My room is not pale blue.

46. I know I shouldn't eat at McDonald's or Burger King, but they're so good.

47. I live in a world of make-believe.

48. I'm fascinated by the enormity of the universe.

49. I don't watch a lot of TV.

50. I love my friends more than anything else, even if there are not that many.

51. Oxford, England is my favorite city in the world that I have visited.

52. I love to draw spontaneous pictures and cards for people and slip them into their lockers.

53. I love to find money in my coat pockets.

54. I bite my nails, and it really needs to stop.

55. I think people get too wrapped up in sports.

56. I can't really cook, but I can bake a hell of a batch of chocolate chip cookies…break and bake is the way to go.

57. I'm a big fan of seafood.

58. I hate the idea that someday I have to be a productive member of society.

59. I'm very good with languages.

60. In my eyes, I am unsatisfactory.

61. I worry about the next generation.

62. Generally, the people who have crushes on me aren't my type.

63. I overreact about things sometimes.

64. I've been up all day.

65. I'm apprehensive about getting older.</b<

66. I find religion really intriguing.

67. I don't like to be alone all the time.

68. I get over-excited about upcoming movies.

69. My theory is that most amateur poetry is just vapor clothed in pretty words that means nothing but makes the reader think he isn't deep enough to understand the Deep Hidden Meaning.

70. Childbirth scares the fuck out of me.

71. I am perhaps too forgiving for my own good.

72. I was a really fat baby.

73. I like to mess with inebriates' minds.

74. My gender annoys me.

75. I draw all over my school papers.

76. I love to write.

77. I was an Animorphs dork.

78. I don't really like Italian food.

80. My wisdom teeth have been removed.

81. I usually spell things the British way, out of habit.

82. I hate the mall with a burning passion.

83. I eat meat.

84. My friends like my parents

85. If I had a mustache, I would wax the ends and curl them upward.

86. Sometimes I think to myself, "Wow. People are really fucking stupid."

87. I like getting dressed up.

88. My birthday feels like any other day.

89. I can't stand it when people are obsessed with how awful they think they look. (especially when they look just fine.)

90. I hate SUVs.

91. I'm excessively critical of America.

92. I can't parallel park.

93. Goofing off is fun.

94. I like to think that I'm not very easily influenced by societal expectations.

95. Sappy romance makes me nervous.

96. I like Disney movies.

97. I like sandals.

98. I wish I'd seen You Got Served, just so I could laugh at it in the theatres and act really obnoxious.

99. I'm definitely a fan of making a scene in public.

100. I vote yes on gay marriages….

101. I like to stay up late and sleep in.

102. Most of the people who I thought were my friends are jerks now..but that's ok..atleast I know who my TRUE FRIENDS are now!

103. My life is so boring

104. Coffee owns me.

105. If I didn't have my music, I'd die. Or at least be a lot less sane than I am now.

106. By the time I die I hope to have traveled around the world.

107. My feelings have been messed with one to many times.

108. I wish all the stuck up and popular people in the world would get over themselves.

109. I live in a broken house.

110. I sleep more in class than in my bed.

111. I can accept the fact that not everyone likes me.

112. Im arab.
113. I love my job.
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Saturday, June 5th, 2004

Subject:FUCK ME!
Time:2:33 pm.
Mood: guilty.
I'm fucking dreaming again. I hate it, all mine end up to be some fucked up shit.....whateva.

Last night I dreaMT that me and him were together again. For real this time, and we were liking it. Made me sad...and mad at the same time. Bringing back old feelings and bullshit. But then I really sit and think... he's not good like that. But he is an awesome friend...


Last night was a GIFT OF PROPHECY show. It was a battle of the bands and all the kids there were supposed to vote for a band. Our band G.o.P only had a couple people there for them, so we needed all the votes we could get. But this totally SUCKY band brought a whole mob of people, they really sucked i mean....really. heh. So it ended up being a popularity contest. Which was fucking gay.
But the worst part is, Me, Trent, Mohammad, Tim, and Amber were outside getting air during the last band, and we went back inside when it sounded like they stopped playing so we could vote, but...they were already announcing the winner...which was that sucky-ass band. So, we didnt vote. I have never felt so fucking bad in my whole life. I'm not even joking. I felt like a huge steaming pile of shit. And the band was mad too, i mean i don't blame them at all, I'd be pissed too, but they're our best friends, and I fucking failed them.

FUCK me.......fuck.
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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004

Subject:fuck me
Time:2:28 pm.
Mood: crushed.
So, I did some things I shouldn't have, and I said some things I shouldn't have...and one of my best friends was mad at me for it. I don't blame him for putting me on "his shit list" cuz what I did was wrong and immature. I told some people about some things that happened that I swore I wouldn't tell... and those people confronted him about it, I told them not to, but I guess I shoulda known better anyways. I'm just sick of secrets.

I told him I was sorry and he said not to worry about it. "no big deal." but it was....and I am truly sorry for what I did, but he's like "it's not a big deal until he starts givin me shit about it"

at least he seemed okay with it....I hope so.

Man...I really thought he wanted to stop when he said "I think we should just stay friends for now" I thought he wanted to stop EVERYTHING.....if only I knew that...I think we would have been really happy.

Fuck me.
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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004

Time:10:34 pm.
So I'm siked for some shows coming up this weekend. Gift of Prophecy baybay!! hehe.

I get to take trent and tim on friday, and maybe my friend bob too. hehe. But I still need to find a ride for saturday dammit...errr...

So ..... I was talking to Tim today and he said he would be back in 45 minutes....its been like...hours. haha. like 3 or 4. oh well. I guess i'll talk to him tomorrow.

Finals tomorrow.....fuckin queers.
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Thursday, May 27th, 2004

Time:8:52 pm.
Mood: blank.
Do You... Smoke?: Yep

Do drugs?: eh

Read the newspaper?: Nope

Pray?: nope

Go to church?: occasionally

Talk to strangers who IM you?: haha of course!

Sleep with stuffed animals?: nope

Take walks in the rain?: yep

Like to drive fast?: yep

Would or Have You Ever?

Liked your voice?: nope

Hurt yourself?: i guess

Been out of the country?: yep

Eaten something that made other people sick?: haha yep

Been in love?: i think

Done drugs?: .....define...drugs...

Gone skinny dipping?: i think once...yay for me. you just wait...

Had a medical emergency?: yep

Had surgery?: nope

Played strip poker?: once

Gotten beaten up?: not really.....

Beaten someone up?: i dunno

Been picked on?: yep

Been on stage?: yep...holy shit....AHH!

Slept outdoors?: yep...hehehe

Thought about suicide?: ...

Pulled an all nighter?: yep

If yes, what is your record?: well....one night.

Gone one day without food?: a week

Talked on the phone all night?: nope...fuck the phone

Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?: yep

Slept all day?: nope

Made out with a stranger?: well....sort of...

Had sex with a stranger?: haha...sort of

Thought you're going crazy?: fuck.....i guess

Kissed the same sex?: nope

Done anything sexual with the same sex?: oh man....WE SLEPT IN THE SAME BED! I think ....I think we humped....

Been betrayed?: HAH yep.

Had a dream that came true?: scary shit but yea

Broken the law?: hahahaha

Met a famous person?: yea man!! so tight.

Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: mm...dont think so...

On purpose?: bugs yep

Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?: ...yea.

Stolen anything?: yep

Been on radio/tv?: yep

Been in a mosh-pit?: yep

Had a nervous breakdown?: i dunno

Bungee jumped?: nope.....but i want to

Had a dream that kept coming back?: yep.

Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: yep

Who is your best friend?: amber, mo, and others

Who's the one person that knows most about you?: Amber or Mo, maybe even Tay...yea...Tay.

What's the best advice that anyone has ever given to you?: um...hmm...none.

Your favourite inside joke?: REFRIED BEANS! man thats old...

Last person you talked to online?:MOHAMMAD!!

Who do you talk to most online?:MOHAMMAD!!

Who are you on the phone with most?: I dunno, I hate the phone. Amber I guess, or mo....or evan. He talks a lot. haha

Who do you trust most?: people.

Who listens to your problems?: i dont share a lot of my problems....but I guess mo.

Who do you fight most with?: bro.
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Time:8:41 pm.
Mood: blank.
Went to the doc's today, I don't have an ulcer. So I guess that's good. But they're still keeping me on this fucking diet that says I have to "limit" my use of alcohol. FUCK that shit man. I don't fucking care anymore. I'm gettin hella wasted tomorrow no matter what the fuck my doctor says.

The fuck if I care

AND I had to get a fucking tetnis shot today, fuck that shit too.
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Time:2:54 pm.
Mood:yea whateva.
If you say "If ya know what I mean." After absolutely anything....it sounds dirty:

I'm gunna go wash the car...if ya know what I mean.

I'm gunna go clean my room...if ya know what I mean.

I'm gunna go do laundry....if ya know what I mean.

I'm naked in my bed...if ya know what I mean.
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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Time:3:08 pm.
Mood: bored.
I would fucking kill for a fat truck right now. WITH a cd player. So I can rock the fuck out to my cds i got yesterday.....expensive little fuckers. I think thats one of the last times I go to FYE for my entertainment. hehe get it? Yea I'm funny so laugh dammit!

I have a grand total of about..... $220 in the bank right now....no where NEAR getting a truck any time soon. But It's almost summer so I'll be working hardcore for 3 months. And hopefully I'll have it by the end of it.

It's the 11th hour.....
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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004

Time:6:04 pm.
Mood: content.
So....I guess I'll post on this fuckin thins since it's starin me right in the damn face. Whateva.

So I went camping last weekend...and I fucking missed my friends show....GAD DUMMIT! They barely ever have any shows, and i had to fucking miss this one. I thought it was THIS weekend....its not. But they got another show in June. on the 5th I beleive. So I will definately be going to that.

I hella went quadin in the hills last weekend. Sooo fuckin great. Saw a deer on my quad.....was tight....but I scared it away....

Well I'm out...got shit to do.

Note to self : No more fucking American Spirit!!
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Thursday, May 6th, 2004

Time:2:43 pm.
Mood: horny.
I love that fucking HOTT-ASS stare youve got all fuckin day...the way you look up at me with your lowered eyes, makes me want to uh *explicitive: deleted* you. Sort of like that guy from breaking benjamin does....oh man...if you only knew what I go through each day...looking forward to the next time we hang out....ohh what fun it will be for you.

I think I'm drowning
I wanna break the spell
You've created
You're something beautiful
A contradiction
I wanna play the game
I want the friction
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Monday, May 3rd, 2004

Subject:Bow down to me!
Time:2:26 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
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Friday, April 30th, 2004

Subject:FUCK YEA!!
Time:9:15 pm.
Mood: mischievous.
So...I just got back from Ben's...yea he's tight...He was alone...with his bass...playing songs he wrote. And he played Cute without the E...and the Missing Page...(that was tight) and some disney songs. HAHAHA. And Dan and Gavin were there from This Providence...which was tight. Of course Ben wouldn't start until they got there so he started like 15 - 20 minutes later then he said he would. hahaha. There were...18 people there total..then like 4 left in the middle to get a phone or something....i dunno but it was gay.


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Time:2:34 pm.
Mood: happy.
So...I had the car yesterday...all day...it was rad! So I picked up V to go see a movie...but we got there too late...oh well. We drove around looking for ice cream and finally got some at Sid's. Where we saw Josh...he's such a cool kid. He smelled cool too. It stuck on us for the rest of the night...haha. Then we decided to go get Ben...and then..we tried to get ALLAN!!! But NOOO he was working...so...Ben and V met my grandparents yesterday...

It was kind of embarrassing....

But we had fun...great time. mmhmm.

TIGHT! Ben's show is tonight....hope I can find his place okay...hahaha
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Monday, April 26th, 2004

Subject:Can I just say I think you're wonderful
Time:2:49 pm.
Mood: excited.
I like the way you look at me, but I hate the way you don't talk to me. Where are you right now? I wish you could be here with me. So I could get to know you. And....we'll have fun. You'll see. Because..."I think you're wonderful!"

You barely know me
I want to know you
A once sit beside you
And joke about everything
I want to be with you
Every day with you
But that that wont happen
It probly wont happen no way
No way

Can I just say I think you're wonderful?
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Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Subject:yay for me
Time:11:19 am.
Mood: happy.

Guys Like That You're Fun

You're the type of girl guys brag about knowing

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You're smart enough to know how to be one of the guys

But flirty enough to know how to make them all want you

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